Do You Need Antivirus for Windows 10?

LAST UPDATED: April 15th, 2019

Losing productivity and your personal information to a virus attack can be devastating. Whether you’re a random victim of a wide-spread attack or the target of a hacker, you need some way of protecting yourself from malicious code.

If you’re on the fence about installing an antivirus program on your Windows 10 computer, we’ve gathered up a few reasons to act as soon as possible. Especially if you run a business, take part in online shopping, or use the Internet to manage your finances.

Businesses Are Especially Vulnerable

Businesses are constant targets of both widespread and targeted attacks. While individual users have to watch out for spam email and ads on the Internet, businesses often have targeted, specific threats.

Phishing is the act of pretending to be a legitimate institution such as a vendor, client, customer, or another organization. It often targets businesses in small ways that can cost them big over time.

Sending fake invoices to companies that process a lot of orders or asking for the personal information of customers for a partnership are just a couple of phishing scam examples.

Business systems need top-rated antivirus for Windows 10 that not only scans for malicious code in emails and links but also scans everything you open in case you or your team gets a bit too curious.

Viruses Can Hide in Ads

Ads are designed to be appealing and catchy most of the time, but some links intentionally trick people into clicking for useful information. Some users have issues figuring out the difference between a malicious ad and a legitimate link to new information.

On sites that are specifically for downloading software or other files, websites often have advertisements to keep their site and businesses well-funded. Some shady advertisers will include an ad for their website or product with a huge “Download Now” button a bit too close to the file you actually want to download.

To protect yourself or your network, you need a premium antivirus suite that will scan links for possible danger and block access before you get there. You may be looking at a legitimate image, but the link itself could still be a path to computer destruction. Antivirus for Windows 10 (or for other operating systems) can help you steer clear of danger.

Protection Against Risky Downloads

Some people don’t care about where they download files. Maybe you’re tracking down an old program or file that isn’t on a popular website anymore. Maybe the file you need is illegal in your country, or you’re interested in naturally risky data.

For people who browse the shady side of the Internet, an antivirus suite is a requirement. Risky downloads, file-sharing, and visiting sites that are known to be malicious require a professional defense suite in case the file is full of danger.

What kind of danger? In some cases, pranksters will take the name and icon of a legitimate program or file and apply it to a virus. In other cases, the legitimate files will be stuffed with a payload of malicious code, which means you’re getting what you asked for, and so much more.

The Bottom Line on Antivirus for Windows 10

If you spend any time online, you need antivirus for Windows 10 even if you’re using the built-in firewall on your computer. There are just too many scams and viruses out there to take a risk with your family’s online safety.

Do yourself a favor and read antivirus reviews to find the best option for you, no matter what kind of computer you’re using. In fact, many of the best antivirus programs work for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and even iOS and Android devices.