Cyber Security Companies Who You Can Trust

LAST UPDATED: December 16th, 2018

Cybersecurity companies are abundant in the consumer market landscape. Choosing one amongst the plethora of options can be a seemingly impossible task for a business seeking the best, performance-driven, and perhaps the most cost-effective company who can provide the array of essential services they need to protect their organization.

The industry for cybersecurity services is growing at a dazzling rate, with Forbes predicting the industry’s estimated worth at $170 billion by the year 2020. Rapidly growing in response to the increasing need for businesses and organizations to source the latest and most cutting-edge innovation and technology for their protection measures, cybersecurity remains one of the most sought-after services today.

The threat is real. A Cyber Security Ventures Report estimates that the damages from the cybercrime will grow by roughly 6 trillion dollars each year, As a consequence, a plethora of new cybersecurity companies and firms are coming into existence each year, each geared with the solutions-minded goal of being able to powerfully protect the world’s biggest businesses.

The stark reality is that the world’s biggest businesses typically can’t afford to play experimental roulette with a wide range of new startup companies that exist today. Major international corporations require the type of reputable, trustworthy company offering a broad range of cultivated services including but not limited to investments, IPO activities, mergers, agreements, and far more than most of the smaller guys just can’t readily provide yet.

When choosing a cybersecurity company, you want to look at their reputation, the number of years they have in business, and of course, their online reviews. Top cybersecurity publications such as CyberSecurity Ventures can be of great assistance in providing guidance, particularly with their guide “the world’s hottest and most innovative cyber security companies to watch in 2018.”

Another great publication to scrutinize is the Investing News Network, which details the top five cybersecurity companies from the 500-item long list featured above in CyberSecurity Ventures. Taking all of the most pragmatic and useful information out of looking out of all 500 companies on the list, the Investing News Network delivers you the information you want quickly and easily.

Important to note, however, is that Investing News Network doesn’t always choose its ranked choice in the same fashion as CyberSecurity Ventures. Instead, they analyze the top ten companies from the Cybersecurity Ventures list and often make their own rankings based on the features offered by the top cybersecurity companies, the efficacy in which the publisher fixes issues, size of client base, the overall growth of the company, VC funding, and more.

Either way, both lists are from highly reputable sources and discuss the same top ten cybersecurity companies in existence today.

So, without further ado, here are the top-caliber cybersecurity companies you can trust with your heart, soul, finances, data, and most sensitive of information enshrouded within your system

The Cybersecurity Companies You Can Trust

1. CyberArk Software

Ranking at #1 on Investing News Network’s site and at #3 on CyberSecurity Venture’s site, CyberArk holds the distinction as a top contender in the competitive cybersecurity market due to its assemblage of privileged access (read: costly and top-of-the-line) security solutions that simply have gone unmatched throughout the industry,

Providing businesses with essential features such as credentials protection, cyber management, session isolation, and top-caliber monitoring protocols have made CyberArk a premier cybersecurity source that multitudes of corporations are readily turning to.

Additional info:

  • Market cap: $2.10 billion
  • Current share price: $58.97

2. Cisco

Investing News Networks ranks the venerable Cisco system as their #2 choice, while Cybersecurity places it at a solid #3. Cisco has plenty of brand recognizability and is well known throughout the world for its host of top-quality security and protection products able to detect, stop, and remove threats in a seamless fashion.

The company also has an entire lineup of tailor-made products and services for businesses of every size and type and if fully capable of custom building the ideal cybersecurity solutions package for your organization,

Additional info:

  • Market cap: $217.49 billion
  • Current share price: $45.145

3. IBM

IBM shot to fame with its still ubiquitously used ThinkPad (now branded as Lenovo) but has remained in the tech game since its inception decades ago.

Ranked as #1 for Investing News Networks and #6 for CyberSecurity Ventures, the powerhouse IBM company offers what it refers to as “enterprise IT security solutions,” ranging across mobile devices, sensitive data, throughout the network, and within endpoint situations.

Additional info:

  • (NYSE: IBM)
  • Market cap: $132.77 billion
  • Current share price: $144.63

4. Mircosoft

You can never go wrong with Microsoft. No matter where you travel in the digital sphere, Microsoft will be there right alongside you or perhaps just be waiting around the corner. Microsoft is everywhere – and with good cause.

They make outstanding products that can be relied on by people all over the globe. Ranked #7 on the Cybersecurity 500 list and #4 on Investing News Networks; both companies have unequivocally stated that Microsoft will always remain on the list of top 10 cybersecurity companies on the planer.

Microsoft cybersecurity is headed under the classification of a data center to endpoint protection, with the company providing a wide array of additional products and features to stop instances of cybercrime before they come to fruition. Notably, they are acclaimed for their premier Windows Defender program and Microsoft Azure cloud-based system.

Additional info:

  • Market cap: $744.19 billion
  • Current share price: $96.86

5. Amazon (Amazon Web Services)

More than likely coming as a surprise to many, Amazon does, in fact, offer powerful, dynamic, solutions-oriented cybersecurity protection for businesses and organizations. Ranked as #5 on Investing News Networks site and #8 on CyberSecurity Venues, Amazon’s company classification in this realm is “cloud powered security solutions,” that maintains the integrity of business data, ensures compliance issues are met, and offers robust infrastructural security.

Amazon is making substantial waves in the cybersecurity industry by imparting the reputation of its good name, outstanding customer service, and innovative selling products and shuffling those components into the cyber-securities game. We predict that in just a few years’ time, Amazon will rise to be among the biggest, most venerable names in the cybersecurity industry.

Additional info:

  • Market cap: $770 billion
  • Current share price: $1,587.28

Actual Top Ten Ranked Cyber Security Companies out of 500 via Cybersecurity 500

The Bottom Line

Sourcing a Cyber Security Company who you can trust with your business’s enormous amount of sensitive data is no easy task. However, through copious amounts of research, perusing leading tech and cyber security publications, and thoroughly analyzing the reviews attached to a company’s services can help you vastly whittle down your selection to a mere few.

You don’t necessarily have to go with the biggest name or the most expensive service – what you want is a dynamic, reliable, top-performance service that you can believe in, in addition to giving you the confidence to operate your business safely and securely.